Giving Back

Giving Back

in The Woodlands

Volunteering At
Home and Abroad

Dr. Huet and the team at Huet Dental are proud to provide assistance to those in need…. not only in our community here in The Woodlands, but also in other parts of the world through volunteer services.

Tarawa, Kiribati/Fiji
Mission Trip 2019

Dr. Huet traveled to Tarawa, Kiribati with the Christian Dental Society to offer dentistry to the residents. This is one of the poorest areas in the world. Due to a cyclone, they were unable to make it to Tarawa on the day scheduled so they set up a portable dental clinic in the hotel conference room in Fiji. They saw close to 100 people that day and some traveled from the outer islands just to see them!

Guatemala Service
Trip 2018

Dr. Huet and a few team members recently traveled to Guatemala to help give dentistry to residents in need. This year’s trip helped 850 patients of varying ages with different needs. The youngest patient treated was 2 and the oldest was 77. The team of Dr. Huet and other volunteers provided 571 fillings, 322 extractions, and 562 cleanings, as well as many other procedures including root canals, a biopsy, sealants, and fabrication of an acrylic removable partial denture.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Mission Trip Date

Dr. Jennine Huet, Marc, her son, Amber ( one of our hygienists) and a friend volunteer joined a local seminary school to care for patients in a leper colony, and a school for the “untouchables”.

Peru Mission
Trip Date

Dr. Jennine Huet, Marc Huet ( her son) and Dr. Annie Huet Moss and 3 local volunteers traveled to Peru with the Mountain Medics organization. Care was provided in 3 mountain villages where there are no health care providers.