Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

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Not everyone finds a visit to the dentist fun and relaxing. If even the thought of a dental appointment makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Many people feel some anxiety about receiving dental care. Despite offering a variety of comforts and amenities to our patients, sometimes that’s just not enough.

Feel Calm and Relaxed.
Understanding Dental Anxiety

Offering comforting, caring dentistry is the first step in helping a nervous patient feel more at ease when they come to our office for treatment. The Doctors and team at Huet Dental understand that, for some patients, a trip to the dentist can create a state of intense apprehension. Please know you’re not alone, and we’re always here to help.

Common causes of
dental fear:

  • Past dental trauma
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Dislike the sounds of dental equipment
  • Embarrassment about dental health
  • Feeling a loss of control during treatment

Our conscious sedation options allow you to feel calm and relaxed, but still awake and able to respond. Dental anesthesia is also available for advanced procedures when needed. Don’t let a fear of the dentist keep you from getting the care you need.

Nitrous oxide is an inhaled gas that offers a mild level of sedation. Once the gas is stopped, the effects begin to wear off quickly, and you won’t feel tired or sluggish the rest of the day. Nitrous oxide is an alternative for patients who don’t like taking pills, and is safe for children, as long as they can breathe through their nose.

Calming your nerves can be as easy as taking a little pill. We’ll prescribe you medication which you take prior to your appointment, in which you’ll be awake and alert, but calm and comfortable. If you don’t have a problem taking medication, this may be the simplest option for sedation.

For longer, or more advanced procedures, we can administer IV sedation. We’ll bring an anesthesiologist into our office, who’ll deliver sedation medication through an IV. This option is easy to control and is more predictable than oral sedation, making it perfect for lengthy treatments.