Snoring Reduction

Snoring Reduction

Snore Less.
Sleep More.

It’s Quiet Time in
The Woodlands

You know the unmistakable sound of a snore when you hear it. Sometimes, it makes you want to run into another room. Other times, you want to jam earplugs in your ears to get some peace. Snoring is not only an issue for everyone who sleeps near you, but it’s affecting how well you sleep and breathe.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you ever get the 8 or 10 hours of shut-eye only to wake up feeling like you never even went to bed?
  • Do you always wake up with a dry mouth or a headache you can’t explain?
  • Do you wake up with a strange/bitter taste in your mouth?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, snoring could be to blame.

Why Do
We Snore?

Sometimes while you’re sleeping, air has a tough time moving freely through your mouth and nose. This can occur when you’re struggling with congestion from a cold or other illness. However, it can also be a sign that your airway is narrow or has narrowed over time, causing your tissues to vibrate, erupting in what we all know as a snore.

How Can I
Stop Snoring?

There are a variety of treatment options available for patients of all ages who struggle with constant snoring. Most of them work by keeping the airway open for unobstructed breathing.

NightLase® Laser Therapy – This powerful, yet gentle laser technology works by effectively heating the tissues in your airway. When this happens, they tighten up and help you to snore less and sleep more. It’s been found to provide better breathing and improved health when used in conjunction with your sleep apnea devices.

Is My Snoring a Sign of
a Bigger Problem?

There may be instances where your snoring is a part of a bigger problem. When this is the case, the caring team at Huet Dental needs to do more than just address your snoring. Part of your evaluation could include the implementation of a Sleep test to help determine if there are more factors at play disrupting you and your partner’s sleep.

It’s Time to
Find Relief

The bottom line is this: we want to help you stop snoring. If you don’t have sleep apnea, but snoring is affecting your sleep, Nighlase may be a good solution for you! For more information about Sleep Apnea and how it may be affecting you, please speak with our experienced dental team and visit our Sleep Apnea Page!

Take some time and talk to us today about your snoring issues. If it’s you or someone you care about, take the time to learn about how snoring can be stopped