The Villager – College helps students, community discover a ‘Healthier U’

added on: July 4, 2017

Emily Blackwell, a physician and author in the late 1800s wrote: “Health has its science as well as disease.” Perhaps it was the evolution of the science of health that has maintained the vigor of Montgomery College’s “Healthier U” health fair and expo, now in its eighth year. Quite simply, the college, through its presentation of the health fair and expo, asks the community the thought provoking question, “What’s more important than a healthier you?” The most likely predominant answer would be “nothing”; nothing could be more important that having one’s health and the faculties of their mind and body. “Attendees of all ages will enjoy health-related exhibits, food, screenings and demonstrations,” said Mary Hoff, coordinator of Healthier U, and division operations manager for the college. “In addition to promoting wellness education, this event raises money for scholarships. Last year, Healthier U was able to present 26 students with $500 scholarships.

The health fair and expo is a free event and open to the community that begins March 30 and concludes Friday, April 1. Proceeds from optional paid events go toward student scholarships in the college’s health-related programs. “We are looking forward to participating at the health fair and expo as a health care provider…